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Don’t Let Pain* & Inflammation* Keep You Indoors!

Need relief of pain and inflammation?* Curamin® Plus with DLPA contains two heavy lifters, clinically studied BCM-95®/Curcugreen™ Curcumin and BOS-10™/BosPure® Boswellia, along with a combination of ginger and DLPA. Watch this video to learn more!

Terry's Road to Good Health

Terry’s Road to Good Health

Terry Lemerond’s personal path to good health helped lead him to where he is today– helping change the lives of so many around the world! Watch this short video as Terry takes you through his personal journey that brings him to where he is today. Watch the video.

Dr. Holly Lucille Talks AnxioCalm®

There’s always been echinacea for the immune system, but now there’s AnxioCalm with clinically studied EP107 Echinacea. Watch the video as Dr. Holly Lucille talks about how AnxioCalm helps reduce symptoms of anxiety.* Watch this video to learn more.

Traumaplant® Comfrey Cream Featuring Dr. Holly Lucille

Clinically studied Traumaplant Comfrey Cream from Terry Naturally CANADA is free of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs). This specialized form of comfrey (Symphytum x Uplandicum NYMAN) is rich in the goodness of the plant’s key elements – Rosmarinic acid, allantoin, and choline – from the flowers, stems, and leaves. Watch the video as Dr. Holly Lucille…